Inventing medical devices : a perspective from India

In this book, the author shares his experiences, anecdotes, insights and failures while inventing medical devices in India over the last five years. The idea is to give entrepreneurs (clinicians, engineers, designers, business professionals) a realistic expectation of the time, money, co-ordination and teamwork required to develop a new medical device in India. This book is specially recommended for Indian healthcare professionals who are passionate about solving unmet clinical challenges by inventing new medical devices, but are not sure of how to go about taking their ideas from a concept stage to an actual product. Entrepreneurs from engineering, design and business backgrounds will also find this book useful, as it illustrates ways to engage with doctors, and gives a comprehensive perspective of the path from ideation to commercialization.

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One Year of Stand up Comedy: Journey in India

When Jagdish Chaturvedi, a doctor-turned-innovator-turned-author, could not balance his schedule effectively to perform as an actor, he chose to transition from theatre to a comparatively less schedule-intensive art form – stand-up comedy.

This book is about the first year of his transformational journey, and it delves into several aspects of being a successful comedian, such as the process of writing jokes, delivering them, promoting a show, branding oneself, understanding the audience and even rescuing the show.

What are the challenges? How do you overcome them? How much can you earn and how can you sustain it on a regular basis? What are the key learnings to take from bad experiences? What shouldn’t I do?

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The Benefits of Failing Successfully: 10 Hidden Benefits of Making Mistakes And Failing

In this book, Dr. Chaturvedi shares ten personal anecdotes of mistakes and failures and gives a perspective of his interpretation, where he positions failures as a part of the process rather than a definitive outcome. Explaining with humorous caricatures and situations, he demonstrates numerous benefits that arise from such mistakes, why they are important and how they have helped him shape his career.

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Neel & Miraya’s Friendly Adventures Back to school again

“Neel & Miraya’s Friendly Adventures Back to school again” is a children’s book that captures the mind of two little children who cannot go to school anymore because of the nationwide lockdown

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