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Starting Troubles 1 


Starting Troubles is the story of a very expressive and passionate Doctor – Jagdish Chaturvedi, who is always hungry for more. While sometimes the world cannot match his pace & hunger, sometimes it’s him who is unable to match the world’s. And it is this mismatch that paves the way for a hilarious journey filled with love, laughter, and more as he ends up “starting troubles” while multitasking between passion, profession, entrepreneurship, and family life.

Starting Troubles 2 : Bheja Unfry 

Magic – Is nothing but science. There is a neurosurgeon who always believes that when you add some methods to your madness, MAGIC happens. He does wonders in the realm of neuroscience using his magic. Of course, conjuring such magic in other people’s lives is not so simple. However, he made it possible. His remarkable journey in the world of neuroscience is the centerpiece of this series.